Using innovation to develop library as a ‘concept’ media centre

Published 2014

At DOK, Holland’s ‘Library Concept Center’ in Delft, exploring new innovation is at the core of what they do. In this article Doklab founder and director Erik Boekesteijn introduces the DOK library and the innovative work at Doklab. DOK can best be described as a media center that combines three unique collections: music and film, literature, and art; and is the most frequently visited public institute in Delft.

Society is changing rapidly. Communication is faster and easier than ever. The migration of people and the growing population make society more complex. Information is available 24/7 on different media, search engines, chat sites, and peer-to-peer networks. In fact, there are more cell phones in the Netherlands than there are people.

People often have several digital identities that give them access to their own digital domain. We are faced with more questions than answers, and no matter how clever the search engines may be, this offers opportunities to libraries.

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